Call for Abstracts

The 30th Interuniversity Research Seminar in the Mathematical Sciences (SIDIM) will be held at the Mayaguez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico on Friday February the 27th and Saturday February the 28th of the year 2015. Activities for the SIDIM will include:

  • Plenary talks;

  • Concurrent sessions of individual talks and research posters in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics Education;

  • Research poster sessions for students;

  • Math Graduate School and Summer Institutes Fair;

  • Exhibition booths for math book publishers and computer companies.

We encourage colleagues and students who wish to contribute with a poster or a research talk for the concurrent sessions, to prepare and submit an abstract of their presentation through our electronic abstracts submission page. Abstracts will be evaluated on a first come first served basis, and should arrive no later than January 29, 2015.


The Scientific Committee of SIDIM will evaluate the proposals on a first come first served basis. As part of the process, some papers may be returned for review and resubmission, or rejected. Authors will be notified electronically on the status of their submission. It is anticipated that approximately fifty individual talks and 20 posters will be accepted.

The schedule of talks as well as information pertinent to the organization of the meeting will be posted on this web page: Authors should know that the process of submitting abstracts is independent of the participant registration process. We urge authors to register for the meeting by also filling out our attendee registration form.

For additional information you may contact Marggie D. Gonzalez-Toledo, President of the SIDIM XXX Organizing Committee, at the phone (787)832-4040, ext.6303, and e-mail Additional information on the SIDIM may be found on the SIDIM Permanent Commitee website.

Instructions for abstract preparation

This part of the instructions applies equally well to individual talks or poster presentations. Abstracts must include the full names, address, e-mails of the authors and advisors if applicable.

In general, abstracts should contain between 100 and 200 words. An abstract should clearly describe the problem addressed, the state of affairs concerning what is known about its solution, and conclusions or new findings. Avoid mathematical equations in the abstract proper if possible and, specially, displayed equations. If a reference must be mentioned or included, spell it out in full within the text of the abstract.


Instructions for poster preparation

Poster presentations foster the exchange of ideas between the contributor and those who have a specific interest in the contributor's work. Poster presentations enable the presenters to proceed at a pace consistent with the interests of the group gathered around them. Your presentation should be based on displayed material. In preparing a poster presentation please follow the following general recommendations:

  • A concise statement of the problem and the results obtained should be a conspicuous part of the display.

  • The display should be designed to take advantage of the fact that the presentation need not be "linearly ordered" as in a talk or written paper. For example, arrows directing the viewer to various parts of the display, and color-coding of different aspects of the work may be used to advantage.

  • Creative use of graphic detail such as drawings, charts and tables is recommended.

  • Use lightweight materials (not cardboard). 8-l/2" x 11" sheets of paper are recommended.

  • You must provide your own title-sign. Display materials should fit within the 3 feet high x 7 feet wide area of the poster board, and should be legible from a distance of 10 feet-12 feet.

  • Test the readability of your display before you arrive at the meeting.

The SIDIM Organizing Committee will provide poster boards.



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